Great Team Buildings Apps for less than $5

Great Team Buildings Apps for less than $5

(Disclaimer – the links provided here, link to the iTunes store but my understanding is that may are available for androids as well.)

goose chase

Goose Chase is a FREE app that allows you to develop a scavenger hunt for your team.

group games

Group Games is an app that puts 50 game ideas in your hands to build trust amongst team members.  It costs $0.99.  Note: If you get to the App Store and find an icon that has a white “X” with colored circles at the ends, you’ve found the right app (looks like they may have changed their icon recently).

trainer activities

Trainer Activities is a $1.99 app that puts 30 ideas to create positive group atmosphere.

scavenger hunt anywhere

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere is a FREE app that allows you to create a scavenger hunt for your team using their smart phones.


iCreativity is another FREE app that allows teams to compete and find new ways to communicate, in a fun game atmosphere.

team quotes

Team Building Quotes is a FREE app that shares quotes about team building.

reverse charades

Reverse Charades is a FREE app that allows your team to act out words or phrases, while one person guesses.

heads up

Heads Up is a $0.99 game that allows your team to play the real charades from any iphone or ipad, with a variety of categories – and allows you to take a team photo at the end.

app of icebreakers

Icebreakers is a FEE app (also called “The Great App of Icebreakers”) that provides a variety of energizing icebreakers for your team.

free icebreakers

Free Icebreakers is a FREE app that provides a variety of questions that you can ask of your team (you may have to replace “family” with “team”, and some questions may be too personal for work.



Here’s what my boss calls a “data dump” – the list of a variety of links that lead to descriptions of team building activities… have fun, get lost!

The Simple Stuff


Team building can be as extravagant as a week-long retreat and as simple as a 5-10 minute activity.  Today, I’d like to share some simple, quick, and cheap activities:

This is an easy icebreaker for a meeting; toss the ball to everyone in the room, they read the saying that their thumb landed on out loud and answer the question.  The one featured below is the “Meet and Greet” thumball.

They have a variety of other thumb balls – things to get creativity flowing – “Describe It” Thumball; as well as “Best, Worst, First”; and “Virtues and Values”.  And, as a coffee drinker, I’m quite excited about the new product, the “My Favorite Things” Thumb Ball Cup (shown below).


And for retreats, or trainers, they have a Thumb ball series they produce every year!


  • JUST THE FACTS – Using a grease board or butcher paper to brainstorm about a topic you wan to address.  Go around the room and ask each participant to name a fact about the subject; continue until you run out of facts and participants begin to assert opinions instead of facts.  As group members begin to insert more opinions, encourage group members to call them out by saying “Just the Facts”.  This works great to brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing.  A simple example is “A carrot” – Facts could include: it’s orange; grown in the dirt; contains vitamins; a non-fact would be it tastes good.
  • ME TOO! – Have everyone stand up in from their chairs.  Begin with the person on your left and ask them to state a fact about themselves,  (e.g. “I love chocolate.”).  For all those that also love chocolate, they can say “Me too” and take a seat silently.   Continue until everyone is standing or only one person is standing.  You may want to repeat the activity a few times to get to know more people, depending upon the size of your group.