Low Ropes Program Sample: Part 2

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Ropes Course experience, this is a great detailed explanation of what happens…

The Facilitator

Sample Low Ropes Program

Part 2: Facilitator

The following story is the second half of a two-part discussion regarding low ropes sequencing and programming.  Like the first story, this story is written in first-person but from the perspective of a facilitator this time as he leads the low ropes program for the group introduced in Part 1: Participant.  In other words, this is Jim’s story.


My first contact with Ronald came in the form of an inquiry via email.  He had heard of other companies using our programming to implement group cohesion and bonding and was interested in sending one of his marketing groups through our program.  I work at a specialized, team-focused adventure center that caters programs to the needs of clientele groups by offering alternative team building experiences by use of high and low challenge course activities.  He liked the productivity of his group but wanted a…

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