More Philanthropic Team Building Activities

So, what a neat concept, although there are team-building events that can get quite competitive, when it ends with a charitable donation, everyone wins.  Here are some similar ideas, similar to the bike-build idea (from a previous post).  All of these have teams work together to assemble products to later be donated to a charitable organization.  Here’s a link for some more information on these ideas:

  • Rocking Horse assembly
  • Red Wagon assembly
  • Tricycle assembly
  • School backpack assembly & decoration

Here’s some other variations on the same concept…that may be a bit more fun and creative:

  • Collect non perishable food items before your team build activity.  Challenge teams to create a put-put golf hole using the food products they are allotted, then donate the food products to a local food bank.  Give prizes for the most creative, or add a theme element.
  • To encourage teams to examine their creative genes, give teams several blank canvases where they can paint groupings of paintings.  Then donate these groupings to a local charity to auction off at a fundraising event.
  • Have your team explore the mission of a local charitable organization, ask them to develop a pillow-case sized representation of their vision.  Have the pillowcases sewn together to create a mural project.  The local organization can hang the mural in their lobby or conference room as a decoration.

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